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Stylosanthes scabra

Why are the seeds of this species difficult? The seeds have physical dormancy, which can be overcome by scarifying the seed coat or using a dry heat treatment.
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Seed Storage

This species has Orthodox seeds - dry to 15-20% eRH and store at -20ºC, or as cool as possible.

Germination Requirements

The seeds of this species are Physically Dormant.

Scarify the seeds by chipping the seed coat with a scalpel. Germinate on agar, germination paper (top of paper) or sand at 25°C or under an alternating temperature regime of 35/20ºC (with an 8/16hr photoperiod).

If this is not successful, use a dry heat treatment (85-95ºC for 1hr) to overcome dormancy before sowing.

Seed Morphology

The seeds are pale to light brown at maturity.



Accepted nameStylosanthes scabra Vogel

SynonymsStylosanthes diartha S.F. Blake, Stylosanthes gloiodes S.F. Blake, Stylosanthes plicata S.F. Blake

Common name:

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