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Grow Wild

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    All about Grow Wild Read about Grow Wild's mission to get the UK sowing and growing native wild flowers
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    Grow Wild seed kits Grow Wild's seed kits are designed to help groups transform community spaces
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    Grow Wild project map Where to find over 200 funded Grow Wild projects in the UK

Supported by the Big Lottery Fund and led by Kew, Grow Wild inspires communities, friends, neighbours and individuals across the UK to come together to transform local spaces by sowing, growing and enjoying native wild flowers.

Grow Wild believes that this simple act of creativity can turn spaces into beautiful, inspiring and colourful wildlife havens, encouraging people to care for and enjoy nature.

How the Grow Wild programme works

It’s calculated that the UK has lost around 97% of its natural wild flower habitats since the late 1930s, threatening the wildlife that depended on these environments. At the same time, a sense of community and a connection to nature has also diminished. Grow Wild works to reverse these two trends — its key aims are to raise awareness about the UK’s native species and to bring people together to make a difference.

As Kew’s leading outreach programme to involve millions of people in why plants matter, Grow Wild funds grassroots projects that transform unloved spaces in towns and cities, and distributes seed kits to community groups and seed packets to individuals.

Flagship projects

Grow Wild is funding four high-profile flagship projects between 2014 to 2017, one in each UK country. Voted for by the public, each of the winning flagships receives £120,000 to create a site or sites that inspire Grow Wild participants and leave a lasting footprint.

Flagship sites

Community projects and youth awards

Grow Wild awards £1,000 to £4,000 of funding to community groups that plan to transform communal spaces and £500 to youth groups so they can champion UK native wild flowers in a creative way. With a focus on bonding people and places, over three hundred of these projects will launch around the UK over the course of the programme.

Community projects

Youth awards

Seed kits

Grow Wild plans to give away 250,000 seed kits to youth and community groups. Each kit contains a guidebook, five packets of specially selected UK native wild flowers, site markers, a DIY bee house and two-for-one entry vouchers to Kew Gardens.

Seed kits

Seed packets

In each year of the programme’s lifetime, Grow Wild will make around 250,000 seed packets available to the general public through promotional partners. Specially selected by Kew’s UK Native Seed Hub, each pack covers around two square metres.

Seed packets

Campaigns and inspiration

Grow Wild aims to get as many people as possible involved with growing and enjoying native plants — the team run high profile campaigns in each UK country, appearing at events including festivals and roadshows, and sharing creative ideas for bringing people and places alive.

Fun ideas and activities

Grow Wild's key achievements

Grow Wild has two thriving flagship sites in Scotland and England. Barrhead Water Works, a former sewage works near Glasgow, started its revitalisation in summer 2014 and is now a busy and colourful community space. Meanwhile, Grow Wild’s England flagship Tale of Two Cities, a joint project between Manchester and Liverpool, will launch in summer 2015 with incredible wild flower spaces in Hulme and Everton. Watch out for news of Grow Wild’s upcoming flagship public votes in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Grow Wild also has over two hundred funded Grow Wild community projects up and running around the UK, uniting communities and revamping everything from public loos to train stations and football stadiums to hospital grounds. Another 25,000 groups have joined in after registering to receive a total of 145,000 seeds kits. That’s enough to involve 700,000 people from all walks of life and areas of the UK thanks to support from a network of over 150 partner organisations including UK Youth, The Scout Association, Girlguiding, RSPB, youth networks, health charities, local authorities, housing associations and many others, making Grow Wild the UK’s biggest ever wild flower campaign.

Grow Wild has made appearances at the world-famous Glastonbury Festival and distributed over 450,000 seed packets through primetime BBC One show Countryfile.

Join in

There are plenty of ways to get involved with Grow Wild. To stay updated on all the news, including seed kit and packet giveaways visit, follow Grow Wild’s social channels and sign up to the bi-monthly e-newsletter.

Sign up to the Grow Wild newsletter

If you live in Wales or Northern Ireland, look out for the launch of public votes to decide on Grow Wild’s flagship sites in autumn 2016 — it promises to be an exciting contest.   

Discover your nearest funded community project and possible volunteering opportunities on Grow Wild's website where you can also find out about future funding opportunities.

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