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Science and conservation

  • Flowering plants of Plectranthus barbatus
    What's in a name? New version of The Plant List released
  • Guests at an evening drinks reception at the Millennium Seed Bank
    Millennium Seed Bank Partnership Safeguarding 25% of the world's wild plant species by 2020
    Legumes of the World Online Research one of the most economically important plant families online with Kew's LOWO database

Kew is a global resource for plant knowledge. Our scientific expertise is focused on plant and fungi identification and naming, comparative plant and fungal biology, plant and fungi conservation and health, plus determination of ecosystem services provided by plants and fungi.

All our work contributes essential knowledge addressing the global challenges of biodiversity loss, food security, poverty, disease and the changing climate.

The Forgotten Home of Coffee

Coffee could become extinct before the end of the century. Find out how Kew is helping to conserve this well-loved crop.

Adopt a seed

Help Kew's Millennium Seed Bank protect the future of the world's plants by adopting a seed for as little as £25.

Why People Need Plants

A compelling book from Kew Publishing that explores the crucial role that plants play in the everyday lives of all of us.

image of book cover

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    Plant Lover's Guides to Dahlias and Salvias
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    Features the Kew Gardens logo. From 100% unbleached cotton
    Kew bag for life
  • Art exhibition
    'Magnolias' features paintings by artist Barbara Oozeerally.
    Magnolia campbellii from the exhibitibion of paintings by Barbara Oozeerally