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25 Jun Ascension Islands 'extinct' parsley fern makes a dramatic reappearance during International Year of Biodiversity
21 May Rare edible wild yam named by scientists as one of top 10 species of 2009
21 May Arizona State University press release - Scientists select new species for top 10 list

18 May

Smallest Waterlily in the world bough back from the brink of extinction by Kew scientists

11 May

Summer Fun in 'Biodiversity Yeat at Kew - Butterflies, Bugs, Beasties and more!

22 Apr

South American Botanical Art comes to Kew Gardens

19 Apr

International Garden Photographer of the Year exhibition opens at Kew Gardens 1 May 2010

13 Apr

The Qur'anic Garden

29 Mar

'Green Talent', a £2 million government scheme project to offer 5,000 green work placements

17 Mar

South Africa Landscape - A joint project between the British Museum and the Royal Botanic Gardens,Kew

12 Mar

Kew's new Caterers - Peyton and Byrne

10 Mar

Kew's Summer festival - Butterflies and Moths - discover how plants get by with a little help from their friends during 'Biodiversity Year at Kew'

10 Mar

Have an Eggcellent Easter at Kew's new outdoor play area - Treehouse Towers, sponsored by Velvet

17 Feb

Spring into Biodiversity Year at Kew

10 Feb

Independent review of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew published

19 Jan Summer Swing at The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

11 Jan

First known instance of a cricket as an orchid pollinator captured on film by Kew scientist

11 Jan

Kew's Tropical Extravaganza - bursting with biodiversity and dripping with colour


21 Dec

Kew scientists discover over 250 new plant species in Kew's 250th anniversary

11 Dec

Appointment of Queen's Trustee to Kew Board

04 Dec

Scientists think 'Killer Petunias' should join ranks of carnivorous plants

02 Dec

Head of Restoration Ecology announced

02 Dec

Kew's New Scent

02 Dec

Kew's Tropical Extravaganza - bright, colourful and bursting with biodiversity

02 Dec

Kew Gardens among top UK landmarks now available on Google street view

26 Nov

Get your books at Kew Gardens this Christmas!

13 Nov Response from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew on TEEB report on the Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity for National and International Policymakers
22 Oct Autumn colour and high adventure in Kew's 250th year
22 Oct

Kew's Millennium Seed Bank partnership 'top banana' as it celebrates banking 10% of the world's wild plant species

22 Oct As easy as APG III - Scientists revise the system of classifying flowering plants
22 Oct Marianne North Gallery reopens in Kew's 250th year

13 Aug

Christmas 2009 at Kew Gardens

13 Aug

Wilson's China: a Century on (Kew Publishing)

13 Aug

The Art of Plant Evolution

12 Aug

Heather Angel's Wild Kew

29 July

Cycad re-potted in Kew's 250th year

16 July

Defra Review of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

2 July

Celebrate Kew's autumn colour

30 June

Kew Millennium Seed Bank at Shanghai Expo 2010

29 June

RBG Kew statement on outcomes of Maputo meeting

16 June

Oak Processionary Moth Update

15 June

Marianne North Gallery - restored and conserved for Kew's 250th

08 June

Summer Holiday Family Fun at Kew Gardens

05 June

Jordans cereals launches 'The Big Buzz'-new campaign to help 'de-stress' Britain's bees!

22 May

‘Suicide Palm’ named by scientists as one of top 10 new species of 2008

22 May

Scientists announce top 10 new species

19 May

Kew Diploma student crowned Young Horticulturist of the Year

18 May

Special stamps and coins to celebrate Kew's anniversary

18 May

You are invited to celebrate a birthday at Kew Gardens

15 May

Shirley Sherwood Gallery scoops an ACE award

15 May

Kew Foundation appoints new trustees- Mick and Barbara Davis

12 May

Special 50p coin launched to celebrate Kew's 250th anniversary

12 May

International Garden Photographer of the Year

08 May

New species of ancient plant group discovered in South Africa

01 May

Summer Swing - Groovin' in the Gardens

01 May

The Kew Foundation appoints new trustee to the board

30 April

Visit the smelliest 'flowers' in the world in bloom at Kew

30 April

UK's changing treescape highlighted in New Trees: Recent Introductions to Cultivation

29 April

Bank Holiday festivities at Kew Gardens

29 April

Great Plant Hunt week

28 April

India Landscape opens at the British Museum

22 April

Queen's visit to celebrate Kew's 250th

21 April

Dan Cruickshank - BBC documentary on Kew's 250th

09 April

Art meets science in Kew's 250th year

08 April

A glorious summer at Kew

07 April

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew 250th anniversary lecture series

24 Mar

Xstrata Treetop Walkway scoops Civic Trust Award

23 Mar

Banking on Life: The story of RBG Kew's Millennium Seed Bank partnership

17 Mar

Enjoy a blooming marvellous Easter!

12 Feb

The Great Plant Hunt - Kew launches the world's longest recruitment campaign

29 Jan

Kew appoints landscape architect

16 Jan

Kew Springs into its 250th year

14 Jan

Escape to the steamy tropics for Kew's 250th

12 Jan

Kew 's fungi collection mushrooms to over 1 million specimens in its 250th anniversary year

05 Jan

Kew goes in search for the next Darwin


22 Dec

The lost forest of Mount Mabu

21 Dec

Protea plants help unlock secrets of species 'hotspots'

07 Nov

Remembrance wreath

03 Nov

Escape to the tropics for Kew's 250th

30 Sept

New Trustees for the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

7 Aug

Happy Kew year! Celebrate Christmas at Kew Gardens

27 July

View Gardens! Autumn colour at Kew

24 July

Kew Gardens is the first attraction to get a Gold in Green Tourism for London scheme

07 July

Unique Victorian botanical art gallery at Kew Gardens to be restored to its former glory

27 June

Oak Processionary Moth nest removal at Kew Gardens w/c 30 June 2008

27 June

Rediscovered plant lost for two centuries could be lost again within ten years says finder

16 June

Lulu 'relights the fire' at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew - and brings her friends along too!

07 May

Journey back to your roots with exciting new adventures in The Trees That Made Britain - Series II

28 April

Escape to the magical Woodland Wonders weekend at Kew Gardens

24 April

The Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway

18 Apr

Kew Celebrates 250 Years

11 Apr

Kew scientists help create first multi-taxonomic Madagascar conservation map

2 Apr

The Shirley Sherwood Gallery opens at Kew Gardens

17 Mar

Kew and British Museum combine to cultivate China in the heart of London

27 Feb

Last chance to see Moore at Kew!

22 Feb

Secrets unfold at Kew

13 Feb

Garden and nature lovers - treat yourself to an unique experience

11 Feb

Kew springs into 2008!

5 Feb

New Keeper of Kew’s Historic Herbarium announced

5 Feb

DNA 'Barcode' Identified for Plants

17 Jan

New Genus of Self-destructive Palm found in Madagascar


14 Dec

The Year of the Tree festival

11 Dec

'Adopt a Painting' to help restore the Marianne North Gallery

5 Dec

New gallery of botanical art opens at Kew, Spring 2008


Information volunteers

14 Nov

Spring colour to melt away winter blues!

9 Nov

Moore Technology at Kew Gardens

5 Nov

A magical Christmas at Kew

12 Oct

New Trustees at Kew

1 Oct

Mapping Madagascar; one of the most bio-diverse countries of the world

18 Sept

Kings and Queens and a Quagga at Kew: The History of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew by Ray Desmond

13 Aug

Timber! Steeplejacks to dismantle Kew Flagpole

1 Aug

Hidden gem to be restored

5 July

The Trees That Made Britain: Series two

3 July

Henry Moore at Kew Gardens

28 Jun

Shopping for your Mediterranean Year

22 June

Sex Life of Wasps Leads to Discovery of 6 New Orchid Species

13 June

Oak Processionary Moth

22 May

Kew's Millennium Seed Bank Marks International Biodiversity Day

26 April

Kew Banks Billionth Seed

28 Feb

World of African plants now accessible online

14 Feb

Nature publish ground-breaking research led by RBG Kew and South African scientists

1 Feb

Step into Spring and Summer at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst Place

22 Jan

Kew's Spring Festival 2007

16 Jan

Dreaming of Kew

4 Jan

If you go down to the woods at Kew...


20 Sept

Germinating History: 200 year old seeds spring to life

12 Sept

Nature's Finest Months at Kew: Bulb Burst 2007

12 Sept

Kew's positional statement on climate change

3 Aug

Monkey Business: rare orchid hybrid discovered on Oxfordshire nature reserve

31 July

Kew's new Garden Shop is a breath of fresh air

11 Jul

Kew launches habitat resoration project in Peru

28 Jun

New Keeper, New Wing for Kew's Jodrell Laboratory

28 Jun

The Trees That Made Britain - a new BBC Two Series

28 Jun

DNA and Tissue Banking for Biodiversity and Conservation

2 Jun

Kids at Kew - a summary of what's on offer for the family at Kew

26 May

Kew's Autumn Harvest Festival

19 May

New Director for Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

15 May

Kew: The Architects Playground - Heritage Year 2006

25 Apr

Plant Conservation Community Warns UK Falling Behind on Conservation Targets

18 Apr

Sackler Crossing open to public from 17 May 2006

31 Mar

International Agreement Joins Forces in Conservation Effort

3 Mar

A Plant Kingdon for every little Prince and Princess to explore

3 Mar

New Palm Genus Discovered in Remote Forests of New Guinea

13 Feb

New Alpine House for Kew Gardens

9 Feb

Secret of the 'Potted Palm' revealed - new case study contributes to thinking on origin of species

1 Feb

Heritage Year 2006

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26 Oct

RBG, Kew, first World Heritage Site awarded ISO 14001 certification

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