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Millennium Seed Bank African Partnerships

South Africa

Asterceae on the Cape Peninsula

(credited : Carly Cowell)

Biodiversity day display at Kirstenbosch Garden centre

(credited : Carly Cowell)

Cliff face collecting

(credited: Ernst van Jaarsveld)

Bontebok National Park Fynbos in bloom

(credited: Nicolette Stoll)

Collecting Leucadendrom stroobilinum on Table Mountain

(credited: Monique McQuillian)

Disa uniflora on Table Mountain

(credited : Carly Cowell)

Gladiolus hyalinus in the Cape Peninsula

(credited : Carly Cowell)

Mimetes hirtus bagging in the Cape Peninsula

(credited : Carly Cowell)


Nieuwoudtville fields of colour

(credited : Carly Cowell)

De Hoop nature reserve dune sunset

(credited : Carly Cowell)



Even in arid Namibia it sometimes becomes neccessary to collect in very wet conditions

(credited T.Tholkes)

Local names and plant uses can often be obtained from people living in the area

(credited T.Tholkes)

NBRI Open Day: A colleague from Namdeb explaining to the Minister of Agriculture about the origin of the rescued plants

(credited T.Tholkes)

Posters on MSBP activities at the annual Open Day of National Botanical Research Institute

(credited T.Tholkes)

Plants rescued by the MSBP at a Namdeb monong site

(credited T.Tholkes)

MSBP staff identify voucher specimans in the local herbarium

(credited T.Tholkes)


Planting trees for school children

The Kenyan landscape

The Seeds for Life CD production team on site in Kenya. Tim Pearce (RBG Kew), Mathias Mbale (National Museums of Kenya), Kimeu (National Museums of Kenya), Simon Ngigi (Gallmann Foundation), person 4 (Gallmann Foundation), Dan Massie (Masdafarai)

Nymphaea nouchali, a spectacular native Water Lilly prized for its seeds which are sometimes cooked and eaten in hard times by many east African communities.

Carrisa spinarum, a popular bush food and source of medicine for many east African communities

The native Kenyan Water Lily (Nymphaea nouchali) growing with one of many pondweeds (Potamogeton sp.). Water plants present a particular challenge for seed conservation with highly evolved germination systems to suit their aquatic lifestyle.

The Seeds for Life CD production team on site in Kenya


The Kenyan Landscape



Michiel van Slangeren collecting seeds

Sorting through the seeds


Mt Kilimanjoaro

Mr Ludovic Uronu (Tanzania Tree Seed Agency)and Dr Kal Volessen (RBG Kew)

L to R Mr Suleimani (University odf Dar es Salaam) , Mr Ludovic Uronu discucc the indigenous use of plants with a community based Forest Conservator in Morogoro District, Tanzania

Mr Fandey Hussein (Tanzania Tree Seed Agency) collects plant and seed collection data using standard recording forms and a Global Positioning System

Collecting seed from a rural homestead, with many willing and able hands

General shot driving into Tanzania from Kenya. Acacia scrubland, home to the Masaai people

General shot driving into Tanzania from Kenya. Acacia scrubland, home to the Masaai people




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