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Mount Mabu

Jonathan Timberlake on Mount Mabu (credit Tom Timberlake)

Jonathan Timberlake looking out from the top of Mount Mabu (credit Tom Timberlake)

View from Mount Mabu (credit Tom Timberlake)

Pgymy Chameleon (Rhampholeon sp)


Small Striped Swordtail butterfly(Graphium policenes)

Olive sunbird (Nectarinia olivace)

Hemipteran Bug

Common Leopard butterfly mating

Butterfly Pupa

Base Camp on Mount Mabu

Orchid (credit Tom Timberlake)

New Atheris snake

Gaboon viper snake

Pgymy chameleon

Forest of Mount Mabu

Recording vegetation

(credit Tom Timberlake)

Trekking up Mount Mabu (credit Tom Timberlake)

Abandoned tea estate

Recording vegetation (credit Tom Timberlake)

Recording vegetation (credit Tom Timberlake)


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