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Marianne North Gallery - Paintings


Portrait of Marianne North

Archive exterior shot




The Gallery- Pre and Post the restoration

Gallery after restoration

Gallery after restoration

Gallery after restoration

Gallery after restoration


Before the restoration project

Inside the gallery - before the restoration

Taking down the paintings (c) Jonathan Farley

Marianne North Gallery - Paintings

Burning Bush and the Emu of Chile


Native Vanilla hanging from the Wile Orange, Praslin, Seychelles


View in Brazil near Ouro Preto with Oli Palms


Northia hornei

Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit of the Capucin Tree of the Seychelles

Cultivated Flowers, painted in Jamaica

Foliage, Flowers, and Fruit at the Takamaka, Praslin

Ipomoea and Vavangue with Mahe

The Permanent Snows, from Santiago

Artwork conservation - Uncovering a hidden painting

Cycad in fruit in Mr Hill's Garden, Verulam, Natal

While removing the backing board of this painting a hidden painting was uncovered.

Gently peeling back the backing board




Gently peeling back the backing board




Male Pawpaw with Flowers and Imperfect Fruit,

The secret painting is very similar to this one, except for a different composition
Image of the similar painting

Cleaning the surface of the painting with saliva

Gently peeling back the backing board

Marianne North Gallery - Conservation

Conservator surface cleaning

Conservator's tools

Separating the backing board from the painting

Conservator restoring a painting

Rehanging the high quality facimilies





Expert coneservators from Plowden & Smith, re-hanging the facimilies in the Marianne North Gallery


Marianne North Gallery reopening

A conservator continues restoration

Marianne North

The Gallery

Marianne North Gallery outside

A visitor enjoys the gallery



Re-hanging the Marianne North Gallery



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