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Flora of Tropical East Africa

A little bit of history..

1988 - The dry thornbush of NE Kenya, collecting on a virtually unknown mountain, Murua Ngithigerr

(copyright: Dr Henk Beentje)

1989 - A new species of Aloe in northern Kenya (Lolgurugi Aloe powysiorum)

(copyright: Dr Henk Beentje)

1996- Kenyan botanist Beatrice Miringu, with a new subspecies of cycad (Encephalartos tegulaneus susp. powysii)

(copyright: Dr Henk Beentje)

Mary Richards, famous collectrix, somewhere in the field in Tanzania in the late 1960s



Kora National Park in Kenya, typical dry bushland

(copyright: Dr Henk Beentje)


Lobelia gibberoa from the high mountains of East Africa

(copyright: Dr Henk Beentje)


Discovering something new..

Solanum agnewiorum

Solanum malindiense

Solanum phoxocarpum

Solanum polhillii

The completed works..

The completed series of the Flora of Tropical East Africa

(copyright: Dr Henk Beentje)

Inside the Flora of Tropical East Africa

(copyright: Dr Henk Beentje)

An example of a Herbarium specimen from the region collected by historic explorer David Livingstone

(copyright: Dr Henk Beentje)


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