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250 New Plant Species Discovered in Kew's 250th Year

Berlina korupensis, the largest new discovery in 2009, from Korup National Park in Cameroon

It's beautiful white flowers


The seed pods 30cm in length


The trunk, which is 1m in diameter and up to 42m height

Charles Oponde, preparing to explore the forest canopy with Charles Okha

Coffee Species - Examples of the 30 new species of coffee discovered by Kew over past 10 years

Kew botanist Franck Rakotonasolo with a Coffea ambongensis

Comparison of Coffea ambongensis 'beans' the largest seeds of any coffee species: more than twice the size of Coffea arabica (Arabica coffee)

The bizarre winged fruits of Coffea pterocarpa with their coffee beans inside

Winged fruits of Coffea pterocarpa


The inflorescence of Cyrtostachys bakeri, from Papua New Guinea, held by Kagube Fazang


25m tall Cyrtostachys bakeri, from Papua New Guinea is the tallest palm on the list

Dypsis humilis, found in a single forest patch used heavily by local people for timber. Down to fewer than 10 individuals in the wild.


Orchids discovered on Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in Borneo (Credit, Tony Lamb)

Dendrobuim chewii

Dendrobium jiewhoei

Dendrobium jiewhoei

Critically endangered ‘cancer cure’ yam – Dioscorea strydomiana

Botanist Linda Loffler monitoring Dioscorea strydomiana

(Credit, John Burrows)


'New rare eucalyptus' discovered in the southwest Australian biodiversity hotspot'

Eucalyptus brandiana

Eucalyptus brandiana (credit Natasha Moore)

Eucalyptus sweedmaniana named after discoverer, Luke Sweedman (pictured)


Ancient aquatic plant, Isoetes eludens

The habitat of Isoetes eludens is a temporary rockpool

Isoetes eludens

Dr Rhian Smith collecting specimens

Isoglossa variegata, discovered in the Princess of Wales Conservatory at Kew

Isoglossa variegata was discovered in the Princess of Wales Conservatory

A Herbarium specimen of Isoglossa variegata


Brazilian passion

Striking red Passiflora cristalina

The egg-shaped fruits of Passiflora cristalina are edible

New Brazilian legume genus Tabaroa catingicola

(Credit, L.P. de Queiroz)

An Indigo plant, Indigofera serpentinicola, one of the blue dye producing genus

Tiny Gymnosiphons the smallest species on the list.

G. usambarensis, similar to the newly discovered species, showing how small this species is.


G. samoritoureanus (on the right) from Guinea, discoved 12 months ago, and awaiting publication as a new species. On the left, G. bekensis, is not new to science



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