Life events

Both daily life and special events are marked by a myriad of rituals and celebrations in the Indian subcontinent. Some practices have a religious basis, while others are regional. As with many other aspects of religion, there has been much exchange between different faiths. Plants are central to many beliefs, rituals and celebrations.

  Photograph of paan leaves, used in betelnut chewing Photograph of a woman painting henna before a wedding Photogrpah of a market stall with dyes for the festival of holi
Everyday life >
Whether in cleaning the body and the home, or bringing good luck, plants do more than provide food and shelter.
Marriage >
Flowers and fruit are essential for decorating a wedding, while mehndi (henna hand painting) is common at weddings.
Celebrations >
South Asia features an extraordinary range of festivals. Some such as Diwali are well-known, but many are local.