The food of the Indian subcontinent reflect its many different environments and peoples. Ancient Asian foods, such as rice, are used alongside more recent arrivals, such as chilli peppers from the Americas. There is an increasing interest in Britain in the regional cooking styles of South Asia, both in the restaurant and the home kitchen.

  Photograph of dried chilli pepper fruits Photograph of fruit and vegetables at the market Painting of courtly ladies at a feast, 1712
Curry >
Curries originate in the kari of south India. These spicy, savoury dishes are now eaten all over Asia and (sometimes in a much altered form) in Britain.
Vegetarian food >
Vegetarianism is a key part of Asian religions. It has a far longer history than in the West. Mahatma Gandhi was active in early movements in London.
Courtly food >
In the imperial courts of the Mughal Empire, a sophisticated fusion of Persian and Indian food was born. It was varied, fragrant and beautiful.