South Asia has a rich range of crafts using plants. Many require high levels of skill, some of which face a decline as cheaper production methods develop. Other industries, like cotton manufacture, have evolved over centuries and remain a valuable export. There are strong variations in crafts across the region, often following local plant resources.

  Painting of a cotton ginning machine, 1840-1850 Photograph of some Kalamkari block-printed cotton Photograph of a man carving a wooden print block
Weaving >
Woven textiles are made up of two sets of threads; the warp and weft. Weaving follows spinning in fabric manufacture.
Dyeing >
Many plants are used to dye fabric. Popular dyes include vibrant yellow from turmeric roots and blue from indigo leaves.
Woodcarving >
Sandalwood is a valuable wood for carving. The beautiful smelling oils in carved sandalwood last for several years.