Rice - cosmetics

Rice extracts like starch and oil are used in a range of cosmetic and hygiene products. They are considered to have moisturising and nourishing effects on the hair and skin.


Painting of 4 women in white, husking and crushing the rice.
Image: After the rice has been crushed to a powder, it can be mixed with honey to nourish the skin.

Starch, oil and proteins from rice are currently being used in different cosmetic formulations to treat the skin. Rice starch can be mixed with honey to nourish the skin and can be used in cosmetics to reduce facial 'shine'.

The oil is used in sun care products to absorb UV-rays as well as in conditioners for hair care and in shower and shampoo products. It is also reported to have moisturising and anti-ageing properties. Extracts containing rice protein are added to hair products to give a feeling of volume and thickness to the hair.