Garlic - other uses

Garlic is sometime grown as a pest repelling plant by gardeners. Some companies have taken its pest-repelling properties a step further by isolating active compounds and marketing them in a spray-on formula.

Protection for plants

Garlic is often grown among flowers or root vegetables as a companion plant to protect other plants from being attacked by pests. In some small garden plots, rows of garlic are planted along the perimeter to act as a deterrent barrier.

Garlic extracts have also been used as deterrents. In Europe these extracts are freeze dried and marketed as garlic pellets. The pellets are dissolved in water and then sprayed onto plants to protect them from being attached by greenfly or caterpillars. A disadvantage of these extracts is that the active sulphurous compounds have a pungent smell and this smell can mask the perfume of roses and other aromatic plants.