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Palm house and waterlily house

Kew is recruiting a new Director

30 Jan 2012

After six years at Kew, the current Director (CEO and Chief Scientist), Professor Stephen D. Hopper FLS will be returning to Australia to take up a Chair in Biodiversity at The University of Western Australia.

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Seed collecting expedition

First call for MSBP-BGCI Fieldwork Fund

27 Jan 2012

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership (MSBP) and Botanic Gardens Conservation International (BGCI) are delighted to announce the first call for the MSBP-BGCI Fieldwork Fund.


Specimen of Cladrastis kentukea

12 new flavonoids discovered in Kew tree

12 Jan 2012

In the 2011 International Year of Forests, scientists report the discovery of 12 compounds new to science in a tree growing at Kew Gardens.


Epiphytes on trees

Trees influence epiphyte and invertebrate communities

04 Jan 2012

Scientists have found that genetically similar tropical trees host similar species assemblages of epiphytes and invertebrates.


Nicholas Hind stacking boxes in herbarium

Linear sequences for seed plants

20 Dec 2011

Scientists have been working out the best way to arrange plant specimens in herbaria and other collections so that their order best reflects evolutionary relationships.


Trees and coastline of Biak Island south coast

GIS surveys in New Guinea

13 Dec 2011

Kew botanists have helped to survey the vegetation of Biak Island, off the north coast of New Guinea.

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Sir Joseph Hooker and the UK Overseas Territories

by: Pat Griggs, UK Overseas Territories team blog
09 Dec 2011

On the 100th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest botanists of the Victorian era, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, find out about the unique plants that he encountered on his visits to the UKOTs and how this experience influenced his theories on plant distribution, which he later shared with Charles Darwin.

wild barley in Lebanon

Adapting agriculture to a changing climate

28 Nov 2011

The Millennium Seed Bank Partnership has begun work to collect seed from the wild relatives of 26 crop plants as their genetic diversity may enable us to adapt agricultural crops to the climates of the future.

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Wet grassland in Lunda Norte, Angola

Botanical survey doubles the known flora of Lunda Norte, Angola

21 Nov 2011

A rapid survey of three river catchments in a remote area of Angola has provided reasons for their designation under the Angolan Protected Areas Expansion Strategy.


The Andean foothills bordering the Ica valley

Plant remains tell a two thousand year story of landscape change

14 Nov 2011

Archaeological plant remains from an environmentally degraded valley in the deserts of southern Peru reveal the rise and fall of agricultural production.


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What's in a collection? The Herbarium at Kew

by: William Milliken, Kew Science blog
07 Mar 2014

William Milliken, Head of Kew's Tropical America team, examines the importance of Kew's collection of over seven million herbarium specimens, and how this resource is being used to tackle the global challenges of our time.

Evelyn Cheesman’s blue orchid

by: André Schuiteman, Kew Science blog
21 Feb 2014

André Schuiteman, senior researcher in orchids at Kew, relates the discovery by the intrepid Evelyn Cheesman of one of the very few blue-flowered epiphytic orchids, Dendrobium azureum, which he recently described as a new species.

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