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Plants are essential for clear air and water, food medicine and fuel. About 70% of the world’s population rely on plants for medicine. Scientists at Kew endeavour to discover new ways to make use of plants for good and share this knowledge with others.

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News from Kew's Sampled Red List Index for plants

by: Maiko Lutz, GIS team blog
07 Nov 2013

Maiko Lutz from Kew's Geographic Information Science (GIS) Unit gives an update on the Sampled Red List Index (SRLI) project for plants.

Can medicine be your food? A one-day symposium at Kew

by: Jason Irving, Medicinal Plant Names Services blog
14 Oct 2013

On 28 October 2013 Kew Gardens will host a symposium examining the borderline between herbal medicines and food supplements.

Marina Yannakoudakis, MEP for London, visits the MPNS

by: MPNS Team, Medicinal Plant Names Services blog
21 Jun 2013

On Friday 14 June 2013 the Medicinal Plant Names Services team welcomed Marina Yannakoudakis (MEP for London) and her policy advisor, Matthew Green, to Kew Gardens to find out more about our work.

Food for when all else fails - collect from the wild or cultivate?

by: Tim Harris, Herbarium blog
11 Feb 2013

A successful yam cultivation project in Madagascar cannot keep up with demand for cultivated yams.

The taste of the Amazon

by: Wolfgang Stuppy, Millennium Seed Bank blog
09 Nov 2012

This month Kew's Seed Morphologist, Wolfgang Stuppy, brings us a post about his recent adventures in the Amazon. Now safely back in the Millennium Seed Bank, he can share with us news of Cupuaçu; the taste of the Amazon!

Monitoring the effect of an invasive pine scale insect on the national tree of the Turks and Caicos Islands

by: Sara Green, UK Overseas Territories team blog
21 Nov 2011

While an introduced scale insect devastates the Caicos pine in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), Sara Green, a Conservation Science MSc student from Imperial College, London investigated the impact that the insect is having on the tree’s habitat and the effectiveness of different techniques of controlling this pest.

Conservators care for tapa cloth at Kew

by: Daniel Barter & Cristina Liria, Economic Botany blog
15 Aug 2011

Two conservation students from Camberwell College of Arts have spent three weeks surveying barkcloth specimens from the Pacific.

The mysterious hanging diagrams of Museum No. 2

by: Caroline Cornish, Economic Botany blog
09 Aug 2011

One of Kew's PhD students investigates the beautiful posters that once hung in Kew's museums.

Useful plants just got beautiful

by: Christina Harrison, Kew magazine blog
05 Jul 2011

That was one of the main messages of The Times Eureka garden at this year's RHS Chelsea Flower Show – useful plants should be appreciated for both their beauty and their vital utility.

A Journey to the 'Land of Many Waters'

by: Sara Albuquerque, Economic Botany blog
15 Jun 2011

Sara Albuquerque updates us on her journey to Guyana, in the footsteps of Sir Everard im Thurm.

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Mansion House at Wakehurst Place

Car parking charges at Wakehurst Place

18 Feb 2014
Later this spring we will be introducing charges for car parking at Wakehurst. The charges are likely to commence from mid to late April, but the exact timing will depend on the completion of the installation works.


Photo of Phalaenopsis orchids from Kew's Orchid festival

Live online chat with Kew experts on how to grow orchids

12 Feb 2014
Ask our orchid specialists any questions you have about how to grow orchids.


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