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Hymenostegia inflorescences, Korup National Park, Cameroon

Conserving the legume giants of Tropical Africa

17 May 2011

Kew scientists are documenting the giant legume trees that dominate the forests of Tropical Africa. Among three genera recently studied, 25% of the species are new to science.


An introduction to Kew's Illustrations Team

by: Julia Buckley, Library, Art and Archives blog
17 May 2011

Find out about the work of Kew's Illustrations Team and the world class resource they care for on a daily basis.

Taraxacum officinale and its floral reflectance spectrum

Floral Reflectance Database (FReD)

13 May 2011

A new web portal allows users to download the reflectance spectra of flowers from around the world.


Epidendrum montserratense in vitro seedling

Conserving orchids endemic to islands

12 May 2011

Conservation Biotechnology at Kew is developing methods for the laboratory propagation of island-endemic orchids – species often under threat.


Name that plant! Learning Plant ID skills at Kew

by: Gemma Bramley, Herbarium blog
11 May 2011

From 9-20 May we're running the RBG Kew Tropical Plant Identification course.  Find out how our participants, who have travelled to Kew from all over the world, are getting on.

Cyathostegia mathewsii

Museums of biodiversity in the Andes

09 May 2011

Scientists have discovered that the seasonally dry tropical forests in valleys of the Andes are millions of years old and in need of protection.


Primula mallophylla

Chinese primrose rediscovered

04 May 2011

A botanist at one of Kew's Millennium Seed Bank partners, the Kunming Institute of Botany, has rediscovered two populations of a primrose which was thought to be extinct in the wild.


Encholirium agavoides - habitat

New species of Encholirium (Bromeliaceae) from Brazil

04 May 2011

Two new bromeliads discovered as part of the Toucan Cipó Project in Minas Gerais.


Lychnophora humillima

Rediscovery of Lychnophora humillima

03 May 2011

This curious daisy was previously found only once, over a hundred and fifty years ago.


Launch of the Brazilian Catalogue of Plants and Fungi

Kew contributes to the Brazilian Catalogue of Plants and Fungi

03 May 2011

Kew’s information resources on plant diversity have helped to compile a working list of all plants, algae and fungi in Brazil.

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Specialist science news

The Nagoya Protocol comes a step closer to fruition

by: China Williams, Kew Science blog
14 Mar 2014

China Williams, from Kew’s Conventions and Policy Section, reports on the latest international meeting to discuss a new legally binding regime governing access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits – the Nagoya Protocol.

What's in a collection? The Herbarium at Kew

by: William Milliken, Kew Science blog
07 Mar 2014

William Milliken, Head of Kew's Tropical America team, examines the importance of Kew's collection of over seven million herbarium specimens, and how this resource is being used to tackle the global challenges of our time.

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