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Collections from the Caribbean

by: David Hickmott, Millennium Seed Bank blog
28 Feb 2012

Follow a Millennium Seed Bank collector on an expedition to the Dominican Republic to save threatened and useful plants.

A first flowering for Kew

by: Marcella Corcoran, UK Overseas Territories team blog
17 Feb 2012

With the appearance of a tiny greenish-white flower, Kew’s horticulturists have recorded the first flowering in cultivation of Metastelma anegadense, a plant found only on the low-lying island of Anegada in the Caribbean.

Mapping live data and tweets from the field

by: Justin Moat and Steve Bachman, GIS team blog
14 Feb 2012

Mapping live data and tweets from the field - experiments with the latest technology 'mashups' in Sumatra.

Saving the seeds of love

by: Gemma Toothill, Millennium Seed Bank blog
13 Feb 2012

Come with me to the underground storage vault at Kew's Millennium Seed Bank to discover more about the heart marked seeds of 'love-in-a-puff' (Cardiospermum halicacabum).

Roses are red, violets are blue...and human heads are sign of good luck!

by: Virginia Mills, Library, Art and Archives blog
13 Feb 2012

As Valentine's Day approaches, discover the unusual way Taiwanese aborigines went about attracting a partner in the 19th Century, and why plant collector Richard Oldham said the Taiwan mountains were too dangerous a place to collect.

From the field - fly-camping in the Harapan Rainforest, Sumatra

by: Jenny Williams, GIS team blog
10 Feb 2012

Kew's GIS and South East Asia team report from their study sites deep in the forests of Sumatra. In this - their second post - they venture into the jungle, seeing all sorts of things on the way.

Displaying the letters of Augustine Henry

by: Virginia Mills, Library, Art and Archives blog
03 Feb 2012

The Directors' Correspondence team has just put some of the letters of botanist Augustine Henry on display in Kew's Library Reading Room. Find out why we chose him as our subject and how the display brings together material from many of Kew's behind-the-scenes collections.

Palm house and waterlily house

Kew is recruiting a new Director

30 Jan 2012

After six years at Kew, the current Director (CEO and Chief Scientist), Professor Stephen D. Hopper FLS will be returning to Australia to take up a Chair in Biodiversity at The University of Western Australia.

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From the field - Harapan Rainforest, Sumatra

by: Marie Briggs, GIS team blog
27 Jan 2012

Kew's GIS and South East Asia team report from the forests of Sumatra. This is the first of their posts.

Studying yams in Madagascar

by: Tim Harris, Herbarium blog
27 Jan 2012

Kew and Feedback Madagascar are collaborating to look at the preferences for different species of edible yam in Madagascan rural communities. Find out about the latest research being undertaken as part of Kew's work in Madagascar. 

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Specialist science news

The Nagoya Protocol comes a step closer to fruition

by: China Williams, Kew Science blog
14 Mar 2014

China Williams, from Kew’s Conventions and Policy Section, reports on the latest international meeting to discuss a new legally binding regime governing access to genetic resources and the fair and equitable sharing of benefits – the Nagoya Protocol.

What's in a collection? The Herbarium at Kew

by: William Milliken, Kew Science blog
07 Mar 2014

William Milliken, Head of Kew's Tropical America team, examines the importance of Kew's collection of over seven million herbarium specimens, and how this resource is being used to tackle the global challenges of our time.

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