New discoveries to science from Kew

Over 250 years, Kew has made many discoveries about the fascinating worlds of plants and fungi. Each year, many new species of plant and fungi are discovered by our world class scientists.

We discover new things about the plants and fungi every day. This includes how different species relate to one another and new ways to use plants to make life easier and better. 

Plants are essential to life on earth. In a world where our changing environment is becoming less and less certain, the power of plants combined with Kew’s scientific expertise is ever more critical.

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Dr Rhian Smith collecting speciments of Isoetes eludens in South Africa

Ancient aquatic plant on the rocks

22 Dec 2009

The tiny Isoetes eludens, which lives in temporary rock pools, may be at risk from climate change

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Dendrobium serena-alexianum

Mountains of orchids...

22 Dec 2009

New species of orchids discovered on Borneo's highest mountain


Indigofera serpentinicola

New Indigofera species described by Kew scientists

22 Dec 2009

Fourteen species of the blue dye-producing genus have been described as new to science


Carniverous plant - petunia

Scientists think 'killer petunias' should join the rank of carnivorous plants

15 Dec 2009

Scientists at Kew and the Natural History Museum believe that carnivorous behaviour in plants is far more wide spread than previously thought, with many commonly grown plants – such as petunias – at least part way to being “meat eaters”.

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Helichrysum plicatum

Kew scientists successfully collect a beautiful plant that grows only in the remote mountains of North Lebanon

28 Sep 2009

After several failed attempts over the years, Kew scientists celebrate their success in collecting the Helichrysum plicatum plant of North Lebanon.

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Dransfieldia micrantha inflorescences

New palm genus is discovered in the remote forests of New Guinea

28 Sep 2009

The discovery of a new palm genus has revealed that botanists have much still to learn about remote areas such as New Guinea.

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protea flower

Protea plants help unlock secrets of species 'hotspots'

28 Sep 2009

Some parts of the planet with a Mediterranean-style climate have become species-rich biodiversity hotspots, a recent study reveals.

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Myriostoma coliforme specimen

Understanding the building blocks of our natural world - fungi research at Kew

28 Sep 2009

Kew’s specialist expertise is revealing the links between tree health, air pollution and climate change.


Fungi specimen collected by Darwin from Tierra Del Fuego

Kew’s connection with Charles Darwin: an evolutionary relationship

24 Sep 2009

As we celebrate the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, Emma Townshend traces the close connections between the great scientist and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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MSB Montserrat hills

Kew's projects across the Caribbean and North Atlantic Ocean

21 Sep 2009

Kew's teams are working closely with local communities to protect the region's most threatened habitats.


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