Two fantastic new apps, for art and plant lovers alike...

This week, Kew has released two beautiful new titles for iPad: an iBooks edition of the best-selling The Plant Hunters, and an interactive app to accompany the exhibition David Nash at Kew.

07 Dec 2012

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Photo: David Nash iPad app

Find about more about David Nash's life and work with Kew's new iPad app.

The Plant Hunters: The Adventures of the World's Greatest Botanical Explorers

By Carolyn Fry, published by Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew in association with Andre Deutsch.

Available to download from the iBookstore now for £9.99

Explore the discoveries of the world’s greatest botanical explorers with this interactive book – The Plant Hunters tells the story of our obsession with plants, both for their beauty and economic potential – beautifully illustrated with art and memorabilia from the archives of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

Just like its print version, this is no ordinary book – interactive pages bring historic documents from Kew’s archives to life, with video and audio transcriptions of letters, notebooks and diaries, stunning botanical illustrations, historic maps and botanical specimens that can be enlarged to see fine details in all their glory.

From the Ancient Egyptians to the journeys of exploration by the Spanish and Portuguese in the 16th century, the search for spices in the East, 17th century tulipomania, to the discoveries of Australia and the Americas, the reader is taken on a journey, revealing how plants were moved across the world, how discoveries both cost and helped to save lives, and how, even today, hundreds of new species of plants are still being discovered.

Compelling stories weave us through time, telling of breadfruit and the Bounty, the East India Company and opium wars, tea from China to India, the cost of sugar, the path of rubber, a Victorian passion for orchids, to the modern day conservation of precious plants, the impact of our changing climate and the world’s largest seed bank.

David Nash at Kew Gardens

Available to download from the App Store now for £7.49

Discover the art of internationally renowned sculptor David Nash in this beautifully illustrated app – made to accompany the celebrated 2012/13 exhibition of his work at Kew Gardens.

An essential introduction to David Nash, the app is a rich tool for exploring the artist’s work and techniques – at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and beyond.

This wonderful tool gives a unique insight into Nash’s art and life, and includes:

  • An interactive map showing the locations of each sculpture at Kew Gardens
  • Brand new interviews with the artist explaining the development of his ideas, brought to life in an interactive version of Nash's Family Tree drawings
  • Video documenting Nash’s tools and techniques
  • Stunning photographs showcasing his sculptures at Kew Gardens, plus previously unpublished photos from Nash's personal archive
  • Essays on Nash’s life and work

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