Wildflower meadow brings a breath of fresh air to TW9

Just outside Elizabeth Gate, the wildflower meadow is looking stunning in the summer sun.

21 Jun 2010

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Wildflower meadow outside Main Gate

Wildflower meadow outside Elizabeth Gate

A wildflower meadow is quietly creating a stir in the oval outside Elizabeth Gate on Kew Green. This year it is looking even better than last year, filled with poppies, cornflower, corn camomile, ox-eye daisies and corn cockles, amongst others.

Stewart Henchie, head of Hardy Display, and his team first prepared the ground in summer 2008, then annually sow a mix of wildflowers. These are interspersed with plugs of foxgloves and wild teasel with hawkweed and subterranean clover which were previously in the turf, all combining to create a dazzling display.

A breath of fresh air in TW9.

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2 comments on 'Wildflower meadow brings a breath of fresh air to TW9'

Peter Wigley says

27/08/2011 5:01:57 PM | Report abuse

Vibrant! Wish "our" meadow looked like this, instead of our thick grassed & weedy August meadow.

Surayya Khatoon, Dr. says

25/06/2010 12:00:00 AM | Report abuse

A wildflower meadow is something that reveals the splendour of Nature; a beauty not tended by human hand.

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