Announcement from Defra on the Spending Review

Defra has today made an announcement about the Spending Review across all of its Arms Length Bodies, more details of which can be found at

20 Dec 2010

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Analysing seeds at Kew's Millennium Seed Bank

Analysing seeds at Kew's Millennium Seed Bank. The Millennium Seed Bank partnership aims to conserve 25% of the world’s wild plant species by 2020.

Kew is currently preparing a one-year business plan for 2011-12 which will be agreed with Defra in due course. To support this planning, Kew has received indicative budgets from Defra for the rest of the Spending Review period (2012-13 to 2014-15). However, Kew's capital allocation will not be known until consideration at the end of January of the business cases submitted to Defra, so the full budget for Kew is not yet finalised.

Kew and Defra will work together to develop a better understanding of Kew’s position and will use this to inform a more detailed 10-year business plan, which seeks to identify whether there are more effective business models that may better meet Kew’s unique requirements

In all discussions, Defra and the Kew management team remain mindful of the need to protect Kew’s ability to deliver its statutory obligations under the National Heritage Act.

Kew's Director, Professor Stephen Hopper made an announcement about Kew's response to the Spending Review when it was announced in October.

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