The plants have arrived

By: Steve Ruddy - 02/05/2012

Following the arrival of over 4,000 plants, Steve Ruddy and his team have been busy building the North American Landscape... but weather conditions have made it challenging!

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The plants have arrived - this time in the rain. This is probably the wettest install we have seen,  and although good for the plants it slows the job down considerably.

Image of a man in the rain

Rain, rain and more rain

We have now taken delivery of the woodland trees, some of these are giants, the largest being the silver maple (Acer saccharinum) which stands at 8 m tall! 

Image of a tree being lifted at the Landscape

The large trees are slowly manoeuvred into position as per the planting plan for the woodland

The bald cypress (Taxodium distichum) was next off the lorry, again some of these are large trees and require the upmost care to ensure no damage occurs. The tree branches are tied together in transit to protect them from damage whilst they are transported to the landscape. It is important to remember to untie them especially with the tall trees, as accessing the the branches once they are standing is very difficult!

Photo of tree being moved

The team have a difficult job ensuring the trees are carefully moved into position without damaging the trees

The second day of deliveries saw the arrival of the carnivorous plants (1,000 of them!) delivered early in the morning on specially designed trolleys. These immediately start to fill the forecourt with green.

Image of Sarracenia plants

Pitcher plants mouths open for unsuspecting insects!

Last to arrive - again in the pouring rain - are the 3,000 prairie plants, which were sown in glasshouses in late November and grown especially for the Landscape.

Photo of prairie plants outside the Museum

Prairie plants ready for planting

These plants will provide a spectacular flower show, full of colour, once they are planted and become established. Rudbeckia, Coreopsis, Cosmos, Echinacea and many grasses are included.

The Landscape opens next Thursday 10 May - fingers crossed the sun will come out for then!

- Steve -




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