How we created the IncrEdibles bag for life

By: Imogen Driver - 13/06/2013

Here in the Kew Buying Team we decided it was time to add some fun to our Summer range and the IncrEdibles festival has given us the perfect excuse!

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We knew we wanted to offer our customers a new and exciting bag for life so, as with a lot of our projects, we started with an office brainstorm. Our first thought was to use the marketing poster - big, bright and bold! But, after some thought, we realised we wanted to offer something a bit different from the main festival imagery.

The IncrEdibles poster

Image from the IncrEdibles festival poster

The pineapple logo

So we then commissioned one of our Kew design staff to come up with a design but, once again, it was still heavily tied to the festival imagery. Both felt too busy, too cluttered, to make the simple, bold statement which a bag requires.

In the team discussions we'd learned that the dad of Jess (our Horticulture Buyer) is a freelance designer, so we contacted him with a brief that he use an image from the festival but keep it simple and uncluttered. To our delight he designed a fantastic pineapple, inspired by the giant pineapple which is the centrepiece of the Tuttii Frutti boating experience, and which we can see out on the Palm House Pond from our office.

The pineapple logo

The pineapple logo

Which colour?

We then had the idea of playing on the New York I ‘heart’ NY t-shirts which are so iconic, so we briefed this to our UK bag supplier. We asked them to try different colour options, initially thinking blue would be good. However, it felt a bit dark for what is meant to be a summer festival (weather permitting!):

The Kew bag for life in navy blue

The Kew bag for life in navy blue

Pretty in pink

Finally, the best choice became obvious and, as a team, we decided on the bright pink. Our bag for life was born! We emailed our supplier our approval of their artwork and the go-ahead for them to start the printing and just two weeks later the stock began arriving in our warehouse.

Photo of Kew's pink pineapple bag for life

Kew's pink pineapple bag for life

Buy now!

As you can see the design process takes many attempts and is a real team (and family!) effort.

And, as luck would have it, it seems pineapples are really on trend this year – we keep spotting them everywhere. Originally they were a symbol of aristocratic wealth but we like Kew’s funkier approach.

Supporting UK businesses is very important to us at Kew so we printed a limited edition of 500 of these bags here in the UK out of 100% cotton. At £3.50 they are a bargain and can be bought on our online shop or in any of our shops at Kew Gardens. Grab one while you still can!


- Imogen Driver -



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