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In the summer and autumn of 2013 Kew Gardens celebrated the amazing bounty of the plant world, inviting visitors to experience first-hand a selection of the 12,000 species we humans can feast on. Throughout the festival people from all over Kew contributed to this blog, sharing their behind-the-scenes experiences of creating festival attractions as well as shedding light on the wonderful world of edible plants.

Welcome to IncrEdibles

By: Kew IncrEdibles Team - 25 May 2013
This summer and autumn, Kew celebrates the amazing bounty of the plant world, inviting visitors to experience first-hand a selection of the 12,000 species we can feast on.
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Welcome to the IncrEdibles festival

The IncrEdibles festival will showcase the sheer number of edible plants growing in Kew Gardens. Visitors will be inspired to broaden their relationship with what they eat, by taking part in or observing the banquet of offerings that make up this fantastic festival.

Whether you want to enjoy boating – back at Kew for the first time in over 100 years - stroll around a floating pineapple on the Palm House Pond, travel the globe in our global kitchen garden, join a tea party with a twist, bask in a picnic garden, or attend incrEdibly interesting talks and workshops, there is something for the whole family to get their teeth into. Aspiring fruit and veg growers can learn from Kew staff and volunteers who will be on hand to share their hard earned knowledge.

The Incredibles blog

This blog will bring together staff and scientists from all over Kew to give behind the scenes looks at the festival and its attractions, as well as shedding light on specific edible plants, the challenges facing them in the modern world, and the vital research and conservation work which Kew carries out.

A Tutti Frutti video

This video was shot on the Press Day of the festival and features the showpiece Tutti Frutti Boating Experience with its creators Bompas and Parr.

(Thanks to the Implausibles blog)

IncrEdibles attractions

The festival can be divided into a number of areas or themes:

Tutti Frutti Boating Experience This summer, Bompas & Parr are transforming Kew's Palm House Pond into a giant fruit salad boating lake and participatory artwork, featuring a magnificent floating pineapple at the centre!

Events Come and join one of our special events as part of IncrEdibles at Kew Gardens. From cookery demonstrations, to exclusive foraged dining, and talks and courses about 'growing your own', we've got it all covered!

More Attractions The festival features a host of attractions designed to showcase the world of edible plants in a fun and interactive way, a global kitchen, a tropical larder, a display of hot chillies, grow your own sessions with horticulture students and much more.

Family Fun Lots of attractions have been created with families in mind, from the funky Bouncy Carrots, an IncrEdibles Tasty Trail, with special facepainting and hands-on activities for kids over half term and in the Summer.

Food and Drink There will be lots to eat and drink from weird flavoured ice creams to a high quality barbeque, as well as the regular choice of food outlets at Kew.

Edible Plant Profiles Want to know more about some of hte edible plants on show in the festival? These pages give more detailed information about popular edible plants from Abelmoschus esculentus (okra) to Zingiber officinale (ginger).

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Week by week horticulturalists, botanists and attractions organisers from all around Kew Gardens wrote for this special IncrEdibles blog, describing behind-the-scenes experiences and sharing insights into the amazing world of edible plants.

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