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A story of wistful memories and RAW passion

By: Philip Smith - 17 Dec 2010

In the first of three parts, International Garden Photographer of the Year organiser Philip Smith mourns the passing of film but looks at how shooting RAW files on your digital SLR helps develop creativity and technique.

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Settling into the Archives: catch up with our budding archivist

By: Sarah Cox - 17 Dec 2010

Kew's Archives Graduate Trainee, Sarah, blogs about her fascinating work and the new skills she is gaining three months in.

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Welcome to Kew's Herbarium Blog

By: Emma Tredwell - 16 Dec 2010

Find out about the work of scientists in Kew’s Herbarium, including their expeditions to study plant and fungal life around the world.

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UKOTs Programme 2010 Internships

By: Martin Hamilton - 15 Dec 2010

Martin Hamilton from Kew's UK Overseas Territories team reports on the latest news about the UKOTs Programme 2010 Internships.

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Eco-fibres old and new

By: Mark Nesbitt - 13 Dec 2010

Sustainable fibres are ever more popular with consumers and designers. The Textile Society's recent conference compared historic and contemporary approaches to the subject.

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Meet the mint family

By: Gemma Bramley - 10 Dec 2010

Learn about some of the scientific research Kew botanists are focusing on in the Lamiaceae family, and visit Kew Gardens this month to hear more about it from our volunteer guides.

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Daisies find a new home in Kew's Herbarium

By: William Milliken - 07 Dec 2010

Kew's vast collection of herbarium specimens of the Compositae (daisy) family is now rehoused in pest-free low-temperature storage in the new wing of the Herbarium. 

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Kew Publishing reaches finals for environmental journalism

By: Christina Harrison - 06 Dec 2010

This year Kew magazine had two articles in the finals of the Garden Media Guild awards. Two books from Kew Publishing were also shortlisted. Find out more about the event and the awards that we were up for.

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Dramatic display of giant Himalayan lily seedheads

By: Katie Price - 02 Dec 2010

The giant Himalayan lily looks good even in winter. Find out how we grow this magnificent plant in Kew's Woodland Garden.

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The unique plants of the Turks and Caicos Islands

By: Sara Barrios - 26 Nov 2010

Find out more about plants that can only be found in the beautiful Caribbean UK Overseas Territory (UKOT) of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

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Photo of Wakehurst mansion

Wakehurst car parking - your questions answered

14 Mar 2014
Wakehurst is hosting public meetings about the introduction of car parking charges. You can read here the statement from Head of Wakehurst, Andy Jackson, and responses to questions raised in the meetings.


Mansion House at Wakehurst Place

Car parking charges at Wakehurst Place

18 Feb 2014
Later this spring we will be introducing charges for car parking at Wakehurst. The charges are likely to commence from mid to late April, but the exact timing will depend on the completion of the installation works.


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