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Seed conservation in the UK Overseas Territories

By: Tom Heller - 15 Aug 2011

Find out about Kew's seed collecting activities in the UK Overseas Territories. Through their seed banking work, Kew’s UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) team are helping to conserve plant life in many diverse and fragile habitats in these regions.

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Behind closed doors - Kew's conservation studio

By: Sarah Cox - 10 Aug 2011

 In her farewell post, Sarah blogs about her final project at Kew, during which she gets a backstage pass to the conservation studio for a day!

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Introducing the bonsai collection at Kew Gardens

By: Richard Kernick - 10 Aug 2011

In his first post, Kew's resident bonsai specialist, Richard Kernick, introduces the bonsai collection at Kew Gardens. Find out more about the history of this unique collection, learn how the trees arrived at Kew and take a look behind the scenes.

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The mysterious hanging diagrams of Museum No. 2

By: Caroline Cornish - 09 Aug 2011

One of Kew's PhD students investigates the beautiful posters that once hung in Kew's museums.

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Autumn treats in store

By: Christina Harrison - 09 Aug 2011

While we enjoy the end of summer, there's plenty to look forward to in autumn too - Kew's Arboretum is renowned for its colour and for its 'champions'.

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An eye for the weather

By: Philip Smith - 04 Aug 2011

Philip Smith, organiser of International Garden Photographer of the Year, discusses how the weather is an integral part of good garden and plant photography.

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Summer in the Alpine House

By: Richard Wilford - 03 Aug 2011

The main flowering season for alpine plants is spring, but there are many mountain plants that flower in summer. You can see plenty of these now in the Davies Alpine House. But why do they flower now?

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Insects and invasives: investigating threats to Turks and Caicos Islands plants

By: Martin Hamilton - 03 Aug 2011

The native plants of the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI) are under increasing threat from plants and animals that have been introduced to these Caribbean Islands in recent years.  In an effort to understand the biology of the invasive species, a team of Kew botanists and conservationists spent three weeks studying them and investigating the problems they cause.

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Marianne North's painting methods revealed

By: Emma Le Cornu - 28 Jul 2011

The Marianne North Gallery was officially re-opened earlier this year after conservation of the gallery and the paintings. Research and analysis into Marianne North’s painting materials and techniques has now also been completed, revealing the secrets behind her paintings and providing a fascinating  insight into her methods.

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Soya and the Cerrado

By: William Milliken - 27 Jul 2011

Watch the video and discover how consumer choice can make a difference to conservation in the Brazilian savannas. Find out how Kew is playing a role.

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Photo of Wakehurst mansion

Wakehurst car parking - your questions answered

14 Mar 2014
Wakehurst is hosting public meetings about the introduction of car parking charges. You can read here the statement from Head of Wakehurst, Andy Jackson, and responses to questions raised in the meetings.


Mansion House at Wakehurst Place

Car parking charges at Wakehurst Place

18 Feb 2014
Later this spring we will be introducing charges for car parking at Wakehurst. The charges are likely to commence from mid to late April, but the exact timing will depend on the completion of the installation works.


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