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Meet Nathaniel Wallich through his digital archive

By: Helen Hartley - 02 Dec 2011

This week sees the publication of a new website, funded by the World Collections Programme, which reunites collections relating to the Danish botanist Nathaniel Wallich.  Find out more about the man himself in the Directors' Correspondence collection.

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Last chance to enter IGPOTY 2011

By: Philip Smith - 21 Nov 2011

Have you entered IGPOTY 2011 yet? If not, time is running out. Here, Philip Smith tells you everything you need to know, together with a run through of next year's exhibitions.

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Monitoring the effect of an invasive pine scale insect on the national tree of the Turks and Caicos Islands

By: Sara Green - 21 Nov 2011

While an introduced scale insect devastates the Caicos pine in the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI), Sara Green, a Conservation Science MSc student from Imperial College, London investigated the impact that the insect is having on the tree’s habitat and the effectiveness of different techniques of controlling this pest.

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Introducing our new Library Graduate Trainee

By: Debora Hodgson - 09 Nov 2011

Read about our new Library Graduate Trainee and all that her role entails.

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The beauty or the beast?

By: Marcelo Sellaro - 07 Nov 2011

Join Marcelo Sellaro as he explores the fascinating world of the titan arum.

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Fruits and leaves of autumn

By: Tony Hall - 04 Nov 2011

Tony Hall shares his favourite fruits and leaves from this autumn's show.

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Digging through the Directors' Correspondence: Letters from the Archaeologist M. Aurel Stein

By: Virginia Mills - 02 Nov 2011

Read about our trip to the British Library's International Dunhuang Project, the amazing scrolls discovered by archaeologist M. Aurel Stein, and some of Stein's letters that we recently unearthed from the Kew's Directors' Correspondence archive collection.

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Gwendolyn Anley: a British bonsai pioneer

By: Richard Kernick - 01 Nov 2011

Discover the history behind two of Kew's bonsai trees, and the little-known story of a British bonsai pioneer, Gwendolyn Anley.

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An ethnobotanical new year

By: Mark Nesbitt - 25 Oct 2011

This autumn Kew welcomed the 14th intake of students into the joint University of Kent/Kew MSc in Ethnobotany.  In a packed two days the students were introduced to Kew's collections, had an intensive day of plant-collecting, and heard this year's Distinguished Ethnobotanist lecture.

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The perfect Japanese maple?

By: Katie Price - 25 Oct 2011

The trees in the Woodland Garden provide shade for us to grow a range of woodland plants and bulbs, but they also add their own colour at this time of year. The Japanese maple, Acer palmatum 'Sangokaku', is one of the best.

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Photo of Wakehurst mansion

Wakehurst car parking - your questions answered

14 Mar 2014
Wakehurst is hosting public meetings about the introduction of car parking charges. You can read here the statement from Head of Wakehurst, Andy Jackson, and responses to questions raised in the meetings.


Mansion House at Wakehurst Place

Car parking charges at Wakehurst Place

18 Feb 2014
Later this spring we will be introducing charges for car parking at Wakehurst. The charges are likely to commence from mid to late April, but the exact timing will depend on the completion of the installation works.


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