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Sourcing plants for the North American landscape

By: Steve Ruddy & Tony Hall - 12 Apr 2012

This year will see the West Lawn of the British Museum transformed by an array of stunning trees, flowers and grasses from Canada and the USA. Steve Ruddy and Tony Hall have been busy getting things ready.

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Seeds from a lost world - the Texas mountain laurel (Dermatophyllum secundiflorum)

By: Wolfgang Stuppy - 02 Apr 2012

In the second of his ‘Seed of the Month’ series, Wolfgang examines the mystery of why this dull-looking, nut-like fruit contains flashy red seeds.

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Woodland wonders

By: Richard Wilford - 30 Mar 2012

The beautiful spring weather has brought the best out of the Woodland Garden at Kew.

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Preparing for the Joseph Hooker exhibition

By: Emma Le Cornu - 29 Mar 2012

Read about how the Preservation section prepared for the Joseph Hooker exhibition.

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Magnificent magnolias in the Arboretum at Kew Gardens

By: Tony Hall - 27 Mar 2012

The wonderfully showy magnolias are in full flower, many dating back to the early 20th century. Colours range from pure white through to deep pinks with some flowers reaching over 20 cm across.

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Swapping seeds in the name of food diversity

By: Vanessa Sutcliffe - 21 Mar 2012

Join Vanessa Sutcliffe, Millennium Seed Bank Training Specialist, as she gets ready to organise the next Great Seed Swap taking place at Wakehurst on Saturday 20 October 2012.

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Masterpieces, mishaps and memories: Mount Kanchenjunga in the Directors' Correspondence

By: Charlotte Rowley - 09 Mar 2012

Kew's own Sir Joseph Hooker was the first Westerner to explore the majestic Mount Kanchenjunga. Read about other stories surrounding this mountain, inspired by a letter from the artist and writer, Edward Lear.

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Falklands’ unique plants all in safe storage

By: Richard Lewis - 06 Mar 2012

All thirteen of the Falklands’ unique plant species are now being preserved at Kew's Millennium Seed Bank. Botanist Richard Lewis recently managed to track down seed-bearing plants of the silvery buttercup, the thirteenth species, in remote valleys on Weddell Island.

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Repotting and root pruning: why, when, how?

By: Richard Kernick - 06 Mar 2012

Kew's Bonsai Specialist Richard Kernick explains the 'why, when and how' of the bonsai year's first major job - repotting.

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The cool blue seeds of the Malagasy traveller’s tree

By: Wolfgang Stuppy - 06 Mar 2012

Truly blue seeds are about as rare as hens’ teeth.  In the first of his ‘Seed of the Month’ series, Millennium Seed Bank seed morphologist, Wolfgang Stuppy, explains why.

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Wakehurst car parking - your questions answered

14 Mar 2014
Wakehurst is hosting public meetings about the introduction of car parking charges. You can read here the statement from Head of Wakehurst, Andy Jackson, and responses to questions raised in the meetings.


Mansion House at Wakehurst Place

Car parking charges at Wakehurst Place

18 Feb 2014
Later this spring we will be introducing charges for car parking at Wakehurst. The charges are likely to commence from mid to late April, but the exact timing will depend on the completion of the installation works.


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