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Insect Beauties category winners announced

by: Philip Smith, International Garden Photographer blog
23 Sep 2010

Ants, bees, bugs and flies all buzzed and crawled into the International Garden Photographer of the Year office as our ‘4Seasons: Insect Beauties’ category inspired photographers from around the world to submit a variety of incredible photographs of our mighty micro friends.

Marianne North's Painting Materials: The plants in paint

by: Emma Le Cornu, Library, Art and Archives blog
21 Sep 2010

Read about the work of the Marianne North conservators and their research into the materials that she used. Find out how you can come and see a demonstration by the team.

Join in the survey and tell us your views!

by: Christina Harrison, Kew magazine blog
21 Sep 2010

Earlier this month we launched a reader survey for Kew magazine and I thought you might like to hear how it's going.

Meet Kew's Alpine & Rock Garden Team

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
20 Sep 2010

Meet the team who will be writing the Alpine and Rock Garden blog and find out about the areas of Kew Gardens that they look after.

Planting up a succulent display

by: Sam Crosfield, Tropical Nursery blog
17 Sep 2010

Learn how the Dry Tropics team prepare and plant up a dramatic display for the public using stunning succulents that are usually cared for in the Tropical Nursery.

The Tropical Nursery Open Day

by: Sam Crosfield, Tropical Nursery blog
15 Sep 2010

Members of the public are invited to the Tropical Nursery Open Day on Sunday 19th September to go behind the scenes and see rare and intriguing plants including the world's smallest water lily.

Visit Kew's Library, Art & Archives this Open House weekend

by: Fiona Ainsworth, Library, Art and Archives blog
15 Sep 2010

A chance to see behind the scenes in Kew’s Herbarium, Library, Art & Archives.

Coming to fruition

by: Philip Smith, International Garden Photographer blog
13 Sep 2010

This time of year in Northern Europe provides fresh opportunities for photography. But sometimes it's a good idea not to take any photographs at all!

Story-telling and jamming in the Landscape

by: Chris Spring, Kew at the British Museum blog
07 Sep 2010

So much has happened in Kew's South Africa Landscape at the British Museum this summer. Find out about some of Chris Spring's highlights. Chris is the Curator of Northeast, East and South Africa collections at the British Museum.

Tying orchids onto bark

by: Nick Johnson, Tropical Nursery blog
01 Sep 2010

The team leader of Kew's Orchid Unit shows how we look after these fantastic epiphytes and divulges the secret of nylon tights in helping some orchids grow.

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