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Autumn bulbs, inside and out

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
16 Sep 2011

In their Mediterranean home, many bulbs burst into flower when the autumn rains arrive. At Kew you can see them on display inside the Davies Alpine House and outside on the Rock Garden.

Autumn: the best time of year

by: Philip Smith, International Garden Photographer blog
15 Sep 2011

International Garden Photographer of the Year's Philip Smith considers why autumn is such a good time to photograph gardens, plants and trees - and how to get the best out of the season's atmosphere.

Director of Kew Stephen Hopper

Director (CEO and Chief Scientist) of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew to return to Australia

14 Sep 2011

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew announced today that Director (CEO and Chief Scientist), Professor Stephen Hopper FLS will step down in autumn 2012 after six years in the job.


Desert flowers bloom

by: Richard Wilford, Kew at the British Museum blog
07 Sep 2011

Despite the far from Australian summer we have had in the UK, the plants in the Australia Landscape outside the British Museum have flourished. Some of the most colourful come from the driest parts of Australia.

Purple cyclamen in flower

Stunning autumn cyclamen are in flower at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst

26 Aug 2011

Autumn is a great time of year for cyclamens where beautiful displays of the Cyclamen hederifolium can be seen at both Kew Gardens and Wakehurst.


Curse of the bamboo flower

by: Charlotte Rowley, Library, Art and Archives blog
22 Aug 2011

A letter in the Directors' Correspondence archive describes how the deadly prediction of an old Chinese proverb about bamboo flowering came true.

Behind closed doors - Kew's conservation studio

by: Sarah Cox, Library, Art and Archives blog
10 Aug 2011

 In her farewell post, Sarah blogs about her final project at Kew, during which she gets a backstage pass to the conservation studio for a day!

Introducing the bonsai collection at Kew Gardens

by: Richard Kernick, Bonsai blog
10 Aug 2011

In his first post, Kew's resident bonsai specialist, Richard Kernick, introduces the bonsai collection at Kew Gardens. Find out more about the history of this unique collection, learn how the trees arrived at Kew and take a look behind the scenes.

The mysterious hanging diagrams of Museum No. 2

by: Caroline Cornish, Economic Botany blog
09 Aug 2011

One of Kew's PhD students investigates the beautiful posters that once hung in Kew's museums.

Summer Garden Flame by pallab seth, shared with Kew on Flickr

Highlights from Kew's 'Different worlds' Photo Challenge

09 Aug 2011

Throughout June and July 2011, we invited members of our 'Your Kew' and 'Natural Neighbourhood' Flickr groups to take part in our 'Different worlds' Photo Challenge. Philip Smith, Director of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, picks his favourites.


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