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‘If you can paint one leaf you can paint the world’

by: Dr. Shirley Sherwood, Library, Art and Archives blog
07 Sep 2012

In this latest post from the gallery, Dr Shirley Sherwood shares how she curated her current exhibition: Portraits of Leaves and Fungi, paintings from the Shirley Sherwood Collection.

Kew's Library celebrates the Olympics

by: Fiona Ainsworth, Library, Art and Archives blog
29 Aug 2012

A special Olympic-themed display has just been completed in the Library Reading Room.

Pretty in pink

by: Christina Harrison, Kew magazine blog
21 Aug 2012

There are some fabulous flowering trees putting on a great show right now at Kew, including one mysterious bright pink head turner...

Photo: Lady presents the keys to a mobility scooter to another visitor

Your donations can help Kew inspire visitors through our Gardens

21 Aug 2012

A recent donation from a Kew supporter will give more of our visitors the chance to explore our beautiful Gardens.


Reflections on a year at Kew

by: Stephanie Rolt, Library, Art and Archives blog
15 Aug 2012

Archives Graduate Trainee Stephanie Rolt reflects on some of the highlights of her year at Kew in her final blog post

Have you caught Olympic Fever?

by: Christina Harrison, Kew magazine blog
07 Aug 2012

If you've got a bad case of Olympic Fever why not head to Kew to continue to enjoy the spirit of the Games with the wonderful representations of the Olympic Rings and Paralympic logo in flower form?  You can also see some of the tallest, oldest, fastest, weirdest and most beautiful plants on the planet right here.

That's not really how it was

by: Philip Smith, International Garden Photographer blog
03 Aug 2012

You are at Kew with your camera and snapping away - but when you get home you may be disappointed - we have tips for you!

Brocken Spectres and Circular Rainbows

by: Helen Hartley, Library, Art and Archives blog
03 Aug 2012

Many weird and wonderful subjects have been uncovered while digitising Kew's Directors' Correspondence collection. Read about a 19th century botanist's awe-inspiring encounter with a 'Spectre' in Jamaica's Blue mountains.

Kew Patrons listening to Palm House Manager Wesley Shaw

Patrons tour of the Palm House

27 Jul 2012

A group of Kew Patrons enjoyed a revealing tour of Kew's most iconic glasshouse. Palm House Manager Wesley Shaw spoke about the history of the building, the plants in the collection and the day-to-day work of maintaining this unique part of the Gardens.


Photo: replanting the Olympin Rings Spectacular

Olympic rings replanted to celebrate London 2012

24 Jul 2012

To celebrate the London 2012 Olympic Games, Kew Gardens floral tribute has received an exciting makeover.


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