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The Woodland Garden dons its winter coat

by: Katie Price, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
27 Nov 2012

Shifting 20 tonnes of bracken mulch will reap rewards in the year to come.

Your Gate to the Gardens

by: Elisabeth Thurlow, Library, Art and Archives blog
27 Nov 2012

The recent renaming of the Main Gate has had the Archives team thinking about the importance of the Kew gates in the Gardens' history.

Autumn colour - Six of the best

by: Anthony Hall, Arboretum team blog
12 Nov 2012

So many of the trees and shrubs at Kew show outstanding autumn colour that it has been difficult choosing just the best six

Library display celebrates digitisation landmark

by: Virginia, Library, Art and Archives blog
09 Nov 2012

To mark the completion of the latest phase of the Directors' Correspondence Digitisation Project, a display has been prepared in Kew's Library Reading Room to showcase the collection. The display includes 19th and 20th century letters from botanists, travellers and directors of botanic gardens across Asia, as well as photos, illustrations and plant products they sent to Kew with their letters.

Introducing the new Archives Graduate Trainee

by: Elisabeth Thurlow, Library, Art and Archives blog
29 Oct 2012

Read about the first few weeks of our new trainee and the story behind the travels of Kew's Japanese Gateway

The fruits of autumn at Kew Gardens

by: Anthony Hall, Arboretum team blog
17 Oct 2012

Autumn is a great time to see fruits and seeds, and Kew's Arboretum has a fantastic array from temperate areas around the world. Some are amazingly colourful and they come in all shapes and sizes too.

Black Sphere (2004)

Announcing your favourite David Nash at Kew sculpture

08 Oct 2012

What's your favourite David Nash at Kew sculpture? We announce the results of our poll and shared the outcome with David himself for his thoughts and reaction.


Photo of an aboriginal passport

David Nash explores Kew's collections

05 Oct 2012

As part of his residency in Kew Gardens, David Nash has had the chance to explore some priceless scientific collections and take a closer look at trees.


Reminiscences from a year at Kew

by: Debora Hodgson, Library, Art and Archives blog
28 Sep 2012

Read Debora’s final blog post as she leaves Kew to begin a Masters course in Library Science.

Photo: Waterlily House - Kew Gardens

Highlights from Kew's 'Essence of Summer' photo challenge

20 Sep 2012

Throughout summer 2012, we invited members of our 'Your Kew' and 'Natural Neighbourhood' Flickr groups to take part in our 'Essence of summer' photo challenge. Once again we received many great photos, and Philip Smith, Director of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition was on hand to pick his favourites.

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