Great Plant Hunt adds a new 'Thinking Walk'

Kew's innovative education project The Great Plant Hunt has created a new Thinking Walk to support the International Year of Forests

09 May 2011

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Children on a Thinking Walk at Kew

Children taking part in a Thinking Walk at Kew Gardens

The Great Plant Hunt was launched in 2009 and resulted in 'treasure chests' being sent to all state schools in the UK. The chests contain resources and a guide for teachers, along with a range of activites for years 1 to 6 that get children out and about and inspired by plants. All the materials are also available on the Great Plant Hunt website.

In 2010, activities for the foundation years and a Biodiversity Thinking walk supporting International Year of Biodiversity were added to the website. This year, a Thinking Walk to support the International Year of Forests has also been created. This activity involves making a 'Forest Finder', a collecting device to enable children to collect fallen items relating to the crown, trunk, base and roots of trees whilst out on a Thinking Walk. The Forest Finders can then be used to create forests back in the classroom.

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1 comment on 'Great Plant Hunt adds a new 'Thinking Walk' '

Vicky says

19/05/2011 12:22:25 PM | Report abuse

I love the idea of a thinking walk. What better way to appreciate a forest. Great to encourage children to do this!

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