Come and see a unique live performance in the Minka House at Kew Gardens

Visit Kew Gardens on Saturday 30 July and experience The empty pot fills, overflows, breathe. A unique spatialised music and dance performance.

21 Jul 2011

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Japanese Minka House

See this unique performance in the Japanese Minka House at Kew Gardens.

Date: Saturday 30 July

Location: Minka House, Kew Gardens

Performance times: 1200 and 1600 (performance lasts approximately 30 minutes)

Price: Free with admission to the gardens

About the performance

Kaffe Matthew’s sound work Empty pot fills, overflows, breathe in the Minka House, was commissioned as part of Kew’s Summer festival – Travel the World at Kew.

Responding to the sounds and atmosphere inside the Minka House, the work will be a unique and site specific experience for visitors to the garden. During the performance, Kaffe Matthew’s will improvise together with Ryoko Akama on voice, flute and electronics, and Mariko who will create a dance performance.

Akama and Satomi are both from Sendai, an area at the heart of the March earthquake disaster, Japan.

Introducing the artists

  • Voice, flute, electronics: Ryoko Akama, Japan
  • Processing, spatialisation: Kaffe Matthews, UK
  • Dance: Mariko Satomi, Japan

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