Kew's Rose Pergola in full flower

The hard work done by the team on the Rose Pergola has paid off magnificently.

11 Jun 2010

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Rose Pergola

Kew's Rose Pergola (Image: Catherine Rutherford, RBG Kew)

You may remember back in November we wrote about the laborious job of pruning the rose pergola, which begins in September and lasts four months.

This week, the pergola is wreathed in the flowers of pairs of climbing and rambling roses, selected for their profusion and length of flowering. These include the red flowered Rosa ‘Danse Des Sylphes’ and pink blossomed R. ‘Mary Wallace’. These reach their peak in June, creating a tunnel of colour and scent that frames the view of the Order Beds as you stroll down the central path.

Changes have been afoot however, with Team Leader Andy Darragh taking a six month sabbatical from which he has now returned, full of vigour. Kath Moss, who stood in for Andy in his absence, is sadly leaving us after nearly eight years to take up a more senior managerial role at Auckland Botanic Garden. We wish her all the best in New Zealand!

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2 comments on 'Kew's Rose Pergola in full flower'


28/07/2010 12:00:00 AM | Report abuse

it is heaven on earth


15/06/2010 12:00:00 AM | Report abuse

Breathtakingly beautiful!!!

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