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Labiatae: Phyllostegia parviflora var. glabriuscula

Dr Hillebrand, 359


Phyllostegia parviflora (Gaudich.) Benth. var. glabriuscula A.Gray

Original Distribution

US, Hawaii. Lanai

Extinction Data

Hawaii Bishop Museum = Extinct


Stem, branches and leaves sub-pubescent or glabrous. Leaves apex acuminate, numerious resinous glands underneath. Inflorescence compact and densely glandular, pedicels 1-1.7 cm long (equal or longer than the internodes of the rachis), 8 or 10 flowers in a whorl. Calyx slightly larger and more globose, lobes shorter

Number of Specimens at Kew


Specimen Type (Y/N)


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Dr Hillebrand

Collector Number


Date Collected

01st July 1968

Other Information

This variety is known from a number of specimens, the last one was collected on the 16, 17 or 18 of June, 1825, by James Macrae. The only other information is that they come from the Kaah Mountain (Mauna Kea) on the main island of Hawaii.

Information Sources

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