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Labiatae: Monardella pringlei

Pringle C.G., 2


Monardella pringlei Gray

Original Distribution

India, Kerala, Wynad Forest


Historically only known from the sandy coastal sage scrub in the vicinity of Colton CA at 300-400 m altitude

Extinction Data

IUCN = N/a  , Listed Extinct by WCMC 1996


Annual, branched near base. Stems ash gray, hairy. Leaves hairy. Inflorescences head 20-25 mm wide, bracts 10 mm, ovate, abruptly acuminate, long hairy, purple above. Flower; calyx soft-hairy, lobes awl-like, generally purple, densely hairy within; corolla 11-13 mm, rose or purple, tube exserted; stamens exserted

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Specimen Type (Y/N)


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Pringle C.G.

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Date Collected


Other Information

Habitat lost due to urbanization

Information Sources

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