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Graminae: Agrostis limitanea

Agrostis limitanea


Agrostis limitanea

Original Distribution

South Australia


The known habitat consists of low-lying, flood-prone clay loam near watercourses in the Northern Lofty Flora Region of South Australia. The main known population is on a small reserve adjacent to a perennial, reed-dominated stream

Extinction Data

IUCN = Extinct Listed 1989, Classified as nationally endangered by Briggs & Leigh (1996) and its status under the Commonwealth Endangered Species Protection Act 1991 for the Australian Governement, Listed Extinct by WCMC 1996


Short-lived tufted perennial grass, growing 30-45 cm tall. The stems and leaves grow erect, rather stiffly. Leaf blades are bright green to blue-green with inrolled edges, slightly rough to touch with a 4-6mm long colourless membrane (ligule) at the base of the leaf blade. Fertile heads are produced in the spring to autumn season when conditions are favourable. The flowering head is much branched, becoming open and loose soon after emerging from the leaf sheath, 8-20 cm long; branches whorled, slender; flowers tiny (approx. 3 mm long), borne singly on fine branchlets and without awns

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Other Information

Only known from the type locality and of uncertain taxonomic status

Information Sources

Leigh 1981: 61, Extinct Plant Species of the World IUCN Survey and preliminary report: April 1989