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Dracaenaceae: Dracaena umbreaculifera


Dracaena umbraculifera Jacq.

Original Distribution


Extinction Data

 IUCN = 1998 Extinct

Seed Data

Dracaena umbraculifera seeds will usually germinate in 30-180 days, even under good conditions germination may be erratic. Normally will only germinate with light, GA-3 may promote germination - even in the dark. Sow Dracaena umbraculifera seeds on the surface of a Well drained seed sowing mix at about 25-30°C

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Other Information

This plant is another of suspect origin.  Originally it was thought to be part of the Mauritina flora, but it has also been suggested as originating from Java.  However, the first description of it in 1797 stated it was found on the island of Mauritius.  From then on it started to appear in a number of prominent collections in Europe, and was introduced to Britain through the west London nursery of Loddiges in 1818, who claimed to have the only plant in England at that time

Information Sources

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