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Convolvulaceae: Cuscuta indecora var. warneri

B.C.Tharp&Fred A.Barkley, 13A127


Cuscuta indecora Choisy var. warneri (Yuncker) T. Beliz.

Original Distribution

US, Arizona and Utah (Millard County)


On herbs, often in moist fields, roadsides,  Elevation probably < 1500 m.

Extinction Data

IUCN = N/a


Inflorescence spike- or panicle-like; pedicels 04.4 mm Flower 35 mm; calyx 12 mm, lobes 5, not overlapped, 1/2 corolla tube, acute; corolla generally persistent, 34.5 mm, shallowly bell-shaped, tube generally shorter than wide, lobes 5, < tube, triangular, erect, tips incurved, appendages 1.52.5 mm, divisions many, finger-like; ovary 23 mm, ovoid-spheric, top with thickening, styles 34 mm. Fruit sometimes gland-dot-lined; top as ovary

Number of Specimens at Kew


Seed Data

Seeds come in form of capsule (circumscissile or irregularly dehiscent) or berry-like

Specimen Type (Y/N)


Kew Herbcat Barcode Number



B.C. Tharp & Fred A. Barkley

Collector Number



Date Collected

26th November 1943

Information Sources

Ayensu, E.S. and DeFilipps, R. A. (1978). Endangered and threatened plants of the united states. Smithsonian institution and World Wildlife fund. pp 66Walter, K.S. and Gillett, H.J. (eds) (1998). 1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants. Compiled by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre IUCN The World Conservation Union, Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK