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Compositae: Rhamphogyne rhynchocarpa

Dr I.B.Balfour, December 1874

Dr I.B.Balfour, December 1874


Rhamphogyne rhynchocarpa (Balf.f.) S.Moore

Original Distribution

Mauritius and Rodriguez

Extinction Data

IUCN = Extinct Listed (Probably) 1989 , Listed Presumed Extinct by WCMC 1996

Number of Specimens at Kew


Specimen Type (Y/N)


Kew Herbcat Barcode Number



Dr I.B. Balfour

Date Collected

Dec 1874

Information Sources

Bosser, J., Cadet, T., Julien, H.R. & Marais, W. (1976) Flores des Mascareignes: La Réunion, Maurice, Rodrigues. Unpublished. Walter, K.S. and Gillett, H.J. (eds) (1998). 1997 IUCN Red List of Threatened Plants. Compiled by the World Conservation Monitoring Centre IUCN – The World Conservation Union, Gland, Switzerland and Cambridge, UK., Extinct Plant Species of the World IUCN Survey and preliminary report: April 1989