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Compositae: Pluchea glutinosa

Unknown Collector, 223

Unknown Collector, 223


Pluchea glutinosa

Original Distribution

Yemen, Socotra


Semi arid deserts - Close to water courses

Extinction Data

IUCN 2004 = Extinct


Shrub with spetate hairs absent. Stipitate glands absent. No decurrent leaves, leaf shape undivided, capitula arranged in dense terminal cluster. Capitula is campanulate 7-12mm long. Pluriseriate involucral bracts in 3-7 rows, ovate-acute 2:1 length to breath ratio. Receptacle flat or concave, 0.5-2mm diameter, with hairs. Marginal florets 2-4mm long. 1-30 Disk florets per capitula, 2-6mm long. Anthers length of tails 0.4-0.8mm long, apical appendage obtuse. Anthers filament collar cells not swollen, 0.4-0.6mm long. Apical sweeping hairs obtuse

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Other Information

Not seen since it was collected on Soqotra by all the principal collectors in the 19th Century: Balfour (near Qallansiyah and in the Haggeher), Schweinfurth (Haggeher) and Forbes et al. (Haggeher). Balfour in his Botany of Socotra (Bayley Balfour 1888) comments that P. glutinosa is common and distributed in the hill regions of Soqotra. However, Balfour’s comments on the distribution of plants should be treated with caution. A study of his diary and field books (held in the archives at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh) strongly suggests that he must have made these notes from memory on his return from Soqotra. Nevertheless, it is surprising that this distinctive plant has not been seen again during the last one hundred years at either of the areas (Haggeher and nr Qalansiyah) where it was originally recorded, both are botanically well-known areas which have been extensively surveyed. This species must now be considered Extinct. Revision of Pluchea Cass. (Compositae, Plucheeae) in the Old World, Susanne King-Jones, Englera, No. 23, Revision of Pluchea Cass. (Compositae, Plucheeae) in the Old World. (2001), pp. 3-136