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Acanthaceae: Hypoestes rodriguesiana

Dr I.B.Balfour, December 1874


Hypoestes rodriguesiana

Original Distribution

Rodrigues: Mont Malartic.

Extinction Data

Plant Red Data Book for Rodrigues


Herb, glabrous except for corolla. Leaves opposite, 2.5-4 cm long, ovate, simple, margin entire, apex acute, base cunate; petiole 1-2 mm long. Flower irregulars, small, in dense terminal or axillary racemes; bracts leafy, very short pedicels. Involucres comprised of four sub equal segments. Calyx five lobes, 7 mm long, lanceolate, lobes shorter hen tube. Corolla 30 mm long, pale sulphur yellow cleft down to the involucres into narrow lips which are as long as the tube. Stamens 2. Ovary inferior, two celled. Fruit capsule four-seeded

Number of Specimens at Kew


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Dr I.B.Balfour

Date Collected

December 1874

Information Sources

 Stram, W.A. (1989) Plant Red Data Book for Rodrigues. Koeltz Scientific Books, Königstein. Pp 54