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Browse our specialist training courses for professional horticulturists, scientists, conservationists and teachers.

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A student sits in front of the computer to map coffee species in Africa

To provide practical work experience for undergraduates, Kew offers a series of sandwich student placements, either working in its science teams or as part of the Information Technology department.

Photo of a teacher taking a class of students

Kew staff organise study visits for undergraduate and postgraduate students, whose studies relate to the work of the science teams or to the behind the scenes plant collections.

Students examine plant specimens in a classroom

During this two-week Tropical Plant Identification Course, Kew botanists share their expertise in identifying plants from the biodiversity-rich tropical regions of the world.

Inside Kew's Palm House

The diverse collections held at Kew and Wakehurst Place, including living plants, dried plant specimens, seed collections and library archives, provide an excellent learning resource for undergraduates in many different science, technology and arts disciplines.

Photo of two students look at mobile phone device

This practical two-week Vegetation Survey course, led by specialists from Kew's Botanical and Geographical Information Systems teams, offers an introduction to the techniques and technology available for classifying and mapping vegetation at regional and local scales. It is particularly designed for those carrying out surveys for conservation agencies or extractive industries.

A wood specimen underneath a microscope

During the Wood Identification Course, participants will look at many different types of wood, and find out how to distinguish them using features of their cells and tissues visible only under the microscope.

A group of interns jump for joy outside the Mansion at Wakehurst

Kew offers a number of horticultural work experience placements at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst.

Showing 20 - 27 of 27 results