Young Adventures - discover what you can do at Kew

Garden Highlights

Rhizotron and Xstrata Treetop Walkway

Treetop Walkway 64x64

See how trees work underground in the Rhizotron, and then climb 18 metres high into the tree canopy for a unique birds-eye view of Kew.

Aquatic Displays

Badger Sett

Palm House and Princess of Wales Conservatory

In addition to the incredible plants to be found in these two glasshouses there is also wildlife to be found in their aquatic displays. The 19 tanks in the Palm House recreate 4 major marine habitats. In the Princess of Wales Conservatory, look out for the enormous catfish, freshwater stingrays and water dragons.

Badger Sett

Badger Sett

To run off more energy, head towards the Conservation Area at the far end of Kew, where they can discover what a badger’s home is really like in our own giant badger sett, complete with sleeping chambers and underground tunnels.

Stag Beetle Loggery

Stag Beetle

Insect lovers should head to the Stag Beetle Loggery, home to many of Britain’s largest native beetles – males can grow up to 50mm. Our skyscraper-style loggery is part of the London Biodiversity Plan for Stag Beetles; the Thames Valley is a hotspot for these amazing creatures and Kew is doing all it can to encourage them. Stagbeetle larvae usually emerge as adults during May.

Evolution House

Evolution House

The Evolution House goes back in time - 3,500 million years, in fact - to explore plant evolution. A meandering walk through the foliage will reveal a fuming volcano with glowing lava and even some dinosaur footprints.

Compost Heap

Compost Heap

Get your children interested in recycling and gardening by taking them down to Kew’s enormous compost heap, with its own special viewing platform. Kew mixes the 10,000 cubic metres of waste plant material it generates each year with horse manure from the stables of the Royal Horse Artillery and the Metropolitan Police.

Climbers and Creepers Activities

Climbers and Creepers

As well as our all-weather play areas, young visitors to Kew can also enjoy some creative fun. Our activities are family oriented and are available at selected times during school holidays.

Waterlily Pond

Home to a variety of ducks and coots, the Waterlily Pond is also one of the favourite haunts of Kew’s peacocks, who are often found showing off their impressive tail feathers around the water.

Temperate House and Palm House aerial walkways

Temperate House

Kids will love climbing up amongst the treetops.