Conference and Project News

Conference and Project News

The Evolution House

Above: A permanent display illustrating aspects of plant evolution is nearing completion in Kew's new Evolution House. It is the first of a new generation of displays featuring ecological themes in dramatic realistic landscapes, and uses both living plants and reconstructions of fossil taxa. The display has been made possible through the generosity of a single sponsor, Enterprise Oil.

Contact: John Lonsdale (0181-332 5543).

The Evolution of Plant Architecture (19-21 April 1995)

This international symposium has been organised by Kew and the Linnean Society as part of the celebrations to mark the opening of the Evolution House. The meeting will be divided into sessions on the origins of plant architecture, the architecture of vegetative and reproductive structures, and biomechanics.

Contact: Dr Marie Kurmann (0181-332 5244)

New Rattan Project

'Conservation, Genetic Improvement and Silviculture of Rattan Species in SE Asia' is the title of a new three-year project, funded by the EC, in which Kew is a partner, along with CIRAD-ForÍt in Malaysia and France, Forest Research Institute Malaysia, PT INNOPRISE (the commercial part of the Sabah Foundation) and the Forest Research Centre, Sandakan, Malaysia. Two aspects of the project will be conducted by Kew: rattan seed physiology at Wakehurst Place, supervised by Dr Hugh Pritchard, and taxonomic aspects of rattan biodiversity, by Dr John Dransfield. The aim of the project is to improve the quality of rattan species in cultivation by selecting elite strains and untried species, and by improving methods of cultivation.

Contact: Dr John Dransfield (0181-332 5225)

Conference Books

A further two parts of the proceedings of the 1992 'International Legume Conference' have been published by Kew. The proceedings of the 1993 Kew symposium 'Monocotyledons: Systematics and Evolution' will be available as a two-volume boxed set in April 1995.

Advances in Legume Systematics.

  • Part 5. The Nitrogen Factor (ISBN 0 947643 77 X, £12)
  • Part 6. Structural Botany (ISBN 0 947643 78 8, £15)

For details, and a copy of the publications catalogue, write to or email Dr Mike Lock

The Private Life of Plants Staff throughout Kew were involved in the recent innovative television series, 'The Private Life of Plants', by Sir David Attenborough (who was, until recently, a Member of Kew's Board of Trustees). Programme 5, 'Living Together', included time-lapse photography of the symbiotic germination and development of Orchis laxiflora protocorms, supplied by the Sainsbury Orchid Conservation Project.

These two international symposia, to be held at Kew, aim to bring together all those interested in the plants of Malesia and ferns to exchange information.

For details contact: Robert Johns (Fax 0181-332 5278)

Email: Dr Robert Johns

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