Aerial view of Kew Gardens

What to see at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Our iconic glasshouses, historic buildings, formal gardens, arboretum, water features and art galleries provide a unique setting where you can explore scientifically important plant collections, botanical art exhibitions and the 250 year history of the Gardens in which they are housed.

Attractions at Kew A-Z

Inside the Shirley Sherwood Gallery

Shirley Sherwood Gallery

Kew holds one of the world's greatest collections of botanical art, with more than 200,000 items dating back to the days before photography could be used for the study of plants. This gallery is the first to be dedicated to botanical art. Exhibitions include unique works from Kew's collection and from the contemporary collection of its founder, Dr Shirley Sherwood.
The Temperate House at Kew, closed for restoration

Temperate House

The world's largest surviving Victorian glasshouse is twice the size of the Palm House and was intended to house the tender woody plants from the world's temperate regions. It is currently closed for restoration and will reopen to the public next year.
The Hive at night

The Hive

Installed at Kew Gardens in 2016, the Hive is a unique, multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the extraordinary life of bees. The Hive is a feat of British engineering standing some 17m square and set in a wildflower meadow where you can explore and consider the complex relationship between plants and their pollinators.

Aerial view of the Treetop Walkway

Treetop Walkway

Explore the treetop canopy 18 metres above the woodland floor. Designed by Marks Barfield architects (who created the London Eye) this unique visitor attraction allows you to walk through the treetops and see views right across London.
Victoria amazonica, giant waterlily at Kew

Waterlily House

The Waterlily House is next to the Palm House and is the hottest and most humid environment at Kew. In summer the pond is home to the giant Amazonian waterlily, lotus and other exotic plants.

Woodland Garden

Woodland Garden and Temple of Aeolus

An area designed to emulate a natural woodland, with the Temple of Aeolus set on the hill.