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Officers and Executive Committee Members

Bill Finch-Savage (UK), President (bill.finch-savage@warwick.ac.uk) (2011-2014)
Francoise Corbineau (France), President-Elect (corbi@ccr.jussieu.fr)(2011-2014)
John Dickie (UK), Secretary (j.dickie@kew.org) (2008-2012)
Ken Thompson (UK), Treasurer (ken.thompson@sheffield.ac.uk) (2011-2014)
Gerhard Leubner (Germany), Elected Trustee (gerhard.leubner@biologie.uni-freiburg.de)
Roberto Benech-Arnold (Argentina), Appointed Trustee (benech@agro.uba.ar) (2008-2011)
Hugh Pritchard UK), Appointed Trustee (h.w.pritchard@kew.org) (2011-2014)
Michael Holdsworth (UK), Appointed Trustee (michael.holdsworth@nottingham.ac.uk) (2008-2011)
Dolores Rodriguez (Spain), Appointed Trustee (mdr@usal.es) (2008-2011)

co-opted members

Patricia Berjak, South Africa; Past-President,
J. Derek Bewley,. Canada; Past President
Michael Black, UK, Founder Member; msblack@waitrose.com
Fiona Hay, Philippines; Editor, ISSS Newsletter
Henk Hilhorst, Netherlands; Editor-in-Chief.
Seed Science Research Henk.Hilhorst@wur.nl

Regional representatives (2008-2011)
Sarah Ashmore (Australia) for Australia and New Zealand (S.Ashmore@griffith.edu.au)
Raza Bhatti (Pakistan) for Middle/Western Asia (razabhatti@yahoo.com)
Alison Powell (UK) for UK and Eire (a.a.powell@abdn.ac.uk)
Renato Delmondez de Castro (Brazil) for Central and South America (renatodel@gmail.com)
Yitzchak Gutterman ( Israel) for Middle East (gutterma@bgumail.bgu.ac.il)
Norman Pammenter (South Africa) for Africa (pammente@ukzn.ac.za)
Olivier Leprince (France) for Western Europe and Scandinavia (
Elwira Sliwinska (Poland) for Eastern Europe and Russia (elwira@utp.edu.pl)
Song-Quan Song (China) for China and Japan (sqsong@ibcas.ac.cn)
Christina Walters (USA) for North America (Christina.Walters@ars.usda.gov)

Organizational representative (2008-2011)
Alison Powell (UK) for ISTA (a.a.powell@abdn.ac.uk)
Greg Welbaum (USA) for ISHS (welbaum@vt.edu )

Corporate representative (2008-2011)
Brigitte Hamman (Switzerland) (brigitte.hamman@syngenta.com)

Previous Trustees and Representatives
are listed here.