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Orchid Herbarium Type Catalogue (OHTC)

Work is under way to database the entire collection of type orchids found in the Orchid Herbarium at Kew. The extensive collection contains a high proportion of type specimens, and as such constitutes a collection of historical as well as scientific importance. Once catalogued, it is intended that the information be made available over the Internet, as a searchable database for herbarium-users worldwide.

The ongoing project requires that each type specimen be given a unique ID, in the form of a Kew barcode, making the information about each specimen easily retrievable. Synonyms, type status qualifier information, and habitat and distribution data will be given. The production of digital images of the type specimens will eventually form an important part of the project.

Since November 1999, over 70 type specimens have been identified, checked, and their histories compiled, and input is now well under way. The collection is being tackled one genus at a time. Current work on selected genera has highlighted the need for checking the status of each specimen and making sure the up-to-date nomenclature and synonymy are correct. It is hoped that the entire database will be completed during 2000.

Stephan Gale, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

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Monitoring of Danish Orchid Species
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25 January 2000.
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